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Wooden Flying Cow with Pink Spots - Animal Nursery Mobile

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Wooden Flying Cow with Pink Spots is so cute. Only natural solid wood and pink dots. It will make for beautiful addition to any room, not just little girl.

wingspan: 25 inch/ 62 cm
width: 9 inch/ 23 cm
wight: around 2 pounds

The cow is handmade out of spruce wood. Weighed out by hand colored by hand. Colors are non-toxic and completely safe for kids.
This is a unique kinetic mobile which hangs on equally long strings and is simply hung up on one hook in the kids room, or any other room for that matter :). Then all you have to do is pull on the little wooden piece that is attached to the bottom of the plane. And that's it! The cow flaps it's wings and flies!

Every flying mobile is created by hand therefore each piece is unique and isn't the same exact weight, size and color. The wooden cow is made with great precision and high quality. The wood is very soft to the touch yet durable. If you don't intentionally try to break it, it will last you for decades.

The cow is not a toy. It is a hangable accessory meant for any room of the house, which will get a lot of attention and a lot of laughs from everyone :).