Mrozci was founded by Monika Mrozkova.
Monika fulfilled her dream and restored the production of wooden flying toys designed by her former husband Radovan Mrozek. The flying toys were produced for many years and sold with great success all over the world. These beautiful toys made of natural material were invented and created for all people who love nature, like the smell of wood and prefer quality over quantity. They are loved by young and old alike and have been handed down from generation to generation.
And who is Monika?
Monika is a wife and mother of a now grown-up son. A woman who has travelled to many countries and lived for many years in the USA. A few years ago she returned to her native country, the Czech Republic. She moved to an old farm where she lives with her big dog Hugo. She loves handmade things, nature, digging in the clay, always creating something and has a small business. She makes wooden flying toys and other home accessories. She uses locally sourced wood to make her flying toys. Her other products are created from natural materials, often reused such as organic cotton, linen and leather. She lives slowly and beautifully.
Hi, I'm Monika! I make wooden flying animals!
My best friend Hugo