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Little Colorful Stork Nursery Mobile - Small Wooden Bird Crib Mobile

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This little colorful stork is the younger brother of our successful larger stork.
Our customers have often asked if we would make a smaller bird that can be hung over a cot and is lighter than our large stork. So we thought and tried for a while until we came up with the idea.
So here it is. It's half the size and lighter, too.

The stork is completely kept in his natural wooden design to bring out the beauty of the wood and its patterns.

The flying stork is not a toy, it is a hangable accessory meant for any room in the house. His movement is mesmerizing and will enchant young and old minds alike. It's a beautiful and meaningful handmade gift that smells like nature's forests. It will make everyone happy, but is especially perfect for mommy's with newborn babies ❤ 🙂

wingspan: 24 inch/ 61 cm
length: 11 inch/ 31 cm
weight: around 1 pound