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Flying Colored Parrot Nursery Mobile - Hanging Small Wooden Bird

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Flying Colored Parrot Nursery Mobile is a smaller version of our flying creatures. 

Our customers have often asked if we would make a smaller bird that can be hung over a cot and is lighter than our large birds. So we thought and tried for a while until we came up with the idea.
So here it is. It's half the size and lighter, too.

The flying colored parrot is not a toy, it is a hangable accessory meant for any room in the house. His movement is mesmerizing and will enchant young and old minds alike. It's a beautiful and meaningful handmade gift that smells like nature's forests.

Color: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

wingspan: 21 in/ 53 cm
length: 10,2 in/ 26 cm
weight: around 1 pound