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Flying Stork Nursery Mobile

Wow... Flying Cow!

  • Big Natural Flying Stork

    We are makers of traditional wooden decorations since 1989. We were the first to introduce a handmade wooden flying stork to the market, which became a hit and inspiration for other companies in the 90s. You may know us from the past as Kezorm.
    We make everything carefully and honestly with an eye to preserving hand craftsmanship. Our mission is to resuscitate this tradition.
    At Mrozci, we use only natural or recycled materials to make all of our wooden and crocheted decorations. We create all our products with a love of nature, a love of life, and a love for all our customers.

  • Gray crochet placemats

    My name is Monika, I have loved natural materials since I was young (and that was a long time ago :) and I am behind both Kezorm and Mrozci. I lived in the US for many years and there, besides my beloved flying creatures, I started crocheting again. My crocheted products were a huge success and so I started selling them as well. If you like crocheted decorations, you can buy them here or order something of your wishes. If it is possible, I will always do my best to make you happy. My crocheted products can give you pleasure for many years. They are made of 100% cotton yarn or recycled cotton ropes. If you are interested in these products, take a look here.